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Meet Ticket Holder Matthea a.k.a. @mattheasbookshelf !

Matthea took the time to fill out our short questionnaire, so we could really get to know her, as a thank you for all the hard work she does crafting her magical photos! Make sure you click her ticket above and follow her on IG and show her some much deserved love! Without further ado.... let's check out Matthea's booksheves!!

Question 1: What sparked your love of reading? (Give me all the deets!)

It was 2007 and the last Harry Potter book just came out. My aunt took me to indigo and told me that I can get whatever book I wanted she went straight to getting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I picked up a Dear dumb diary book. Later into the school year I wanted to see what all the fuss was about Harry Potter as I was only seven. I ended up reading this series in a little over a week and the world that I was transferred into and the connections that I made with the characters just sparked my love of reading

Question 2: What book could you read over and over again and never get tired of?

Honestly, I can read anything over and over. I think the books that I love to read continuously are fantasy ones where I can escape the world that we live in currently. I tend to reread a series when a new book is coming out but yearly I will re-read Harry Potter as it is the first series that I’ve ever read.

Question 3: When did you start blogging? For books or otherwise?

My first attempt at blogging was in 2016. I just finished The Glittering Court and I have very strong opinions on how women were portrayed in that novel I just needed to get my opinions out there. It probably wasn’t the best post I must admit very opinionated more like a rant.

Question 4: WHY did you start Bookstagramming (or Book Blogging/Toking etc.) in particular? What drives you (other than the love of books LOL)? The community? The creative side? The review writing part? Taking photos?

I started bookstagram and because I wanted to be able to portray my love of reading while also being able to show my books off. I had a blog prior and it was just so much work showing and creating those posts I just find more joy in using bookstagram.

I think what drives me is the community support and just having a community that loves books as much as I do. I do enjoy the review part as well because I can express my opinions for the novel and not influence readers but just give them a sense of with a novel is about I tend to go on good reads before purchasing a new novel just to see what the consensus is about but I always go in with an open mind

Question 5: Name a book you think doesn’t get enough hype in any of the na/adult fantasy/pnr romance genres! Indie or mainstream publishing!

I think that A Touch of Darkness by Scarlet St. Clair doesn’t get enough hype. Along with author's Audrey Grey and Elise Cova

Question 6: What are you currently reading? Bonus: What’s up next?

Currently I am in between books but I plan to start Crave by Tracey Wolff. I recently purchased Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood so I’m thinking of reading that as well just to mix everything up. I think some of my next reads will be whatever comes in my book boxes as Illumicrate does amazing Fantasy new adult novels

-We're obsessed with Illumicrate and other book boxes as well!

Question 7: What’s your favorite sub-genre of fantasy? (References if you need them:

I enjoy high fantasy along with dark academia fantasy.

-YAAAS we love all the dark academia vibes!

Question 8: How about your favorite tropes? (Examples: Enemies to lovers? Fated Mates, Love Triangle, Fairytale Retelling, Assassins, Pirates, Thieves etc.)

Enemies to lovers that are fated mates are my favorite. I think Sarah J. Maas does a fantastic job in this area.

Final Question: Last but not least… Who’s your wildest dream unicorn author to work with/receive an arc of their book/do a tour with?

Do I have to choose? Oh gosh it would either have to be Sarah. J Maas, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Jennifer L. Armentrout, or Scarlet St. Clair. Those are my favourite authors and I would just die to either work with them get a unicorn book from them or just anything!


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