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Why won't the author send me a physical book? 

Honestly, it depends on so many things. Shipping costs. The author's location. They already sent out physical copies and are just doing ebooks now. They didn’t get any from their publisher. The list could go on and on. Sometimes they don’t have the copyright for your country and another publisher does. Keep signing up for tours and you’ll get some physical ones eventually! 

Can I still participate in a tour if I can't review the book in time? 

YES! You absolutely can! Our policy here at Paper Myths is for hosts to always have the option of reading the book they're creating a stunning photo for - even if they can't post a review during the time frame of the tour. We totally get how ARC's can pile up, and for those of us that are mood readers (Hello, my friends! LOL), being told when you have to read something can sometimes kill the mood. 


If I don’t have 1,000 Instagram Followers can I still sign up to be a host? 

You can absolutely sign up to be a host no matter the number of followers you have on Instagram. We’ve included a section in our sign-up form that allows you to tell us about your other social media accounts for just this reason, and we do look at the whole picture when selecting hosts, not just follower count numbers on Instagram alone. Check out our page on what we look for in hosts, here, for more information! 


I signed up for a tour but can no longer participate. What do I do? 

First off, we hope everything is okay, and we totally get that life happens. Secondly, just shoot us an email at  papermythsmedia @ gmail . com (without the spaces), and let us know so we can let the author know, and try to fill your spot. And finally, please don’t feel as though this prohibits you from signing up for future tours. We’d love to have you :).

When should I post my review? 

Good question! So when you get a book early, and you love it, you want to tell everyone about it, IMMEDIATELY! We totally get it! That being said, it’s typically preferred that you post your review on your tour stop date. This way, you’ve already got it in hand, and it’s super simple and easy to go ahead and post it on other platforms like Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads, etc.

How do giveaways work? Do I pick the winner? 

Giveaways work like this: If you indicate that you’d be open to hosting a giveaway for a tour, we provide you with a 3rd hashtag to use specifically for that giveaway, so we can track all the entries. And then WE (Paper Myths) pick the winners. 


We also send some copy and paste text with the official rules etc. when we send out the tour schedules to make it easier on you. 


For a more detailed look at how we do giveaways, (how we pick winners, what’s required, etc.) you can visit this blog post, here!

Someone asked if the winner has been chosen yet, what do I tell them? 

This is a tricky one. Paper Myths is a one-woman show at the moment, so sometimes I fall behind on picking giveaway winners as I’m slammed with organizing tours, creating schedules, making graphics, updating the website….the list could go on forever. So I’d say, you can let them know that a winner will be chosen, randomly across all of the accounts/posts, that included the Giveaway Hashtag, just as soon as I’m able to do it. 


How do I know if I’ve been selected for a Tour? 

You’ll receive an email, with all the tour information including a schedule (that will tell you what day you’ve been “assigned” to post on, a high res image of the cover, a link to the ARC, and a hearty thanks for participating from Paper Myths. 


We know it’s exciting to get ARC’s of books, and sometimes you just get that craving to read a particular one, but to save us some time, we’re currently unable to check each and every person’s sign up for multiple tours, multiple times. So please have some patience when it comes to finding out. If you’re not sure if you filled out the form, fill it out again, and rest assured, we’ll take care of any duplicates on our end. 


My Follower Counts Have Changed and/or I’ve started a new account on another platform - how do I tell you? 

First off… yay for new followers, get it! Second, you can shoot us an email and let us know what your Instagram handle is, with a link to your profile, and we’ll go ahead and verify and update your follower counts on our end. 


If you started doing a BookTok or Twitter or BookTube, the same thing applies. Send us a link to your profile, and we’ll make sure to make a note of it in the master list so we have ALL the numbers when we’re picking Ticket Holders! 

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Where can I find a list of your prices? 

Check out the Request a Tour tab and fill out our Author Interest form, and if you’ve still got questions, or you aren’t sure what you need - shoot us an email, we’d love to chat! 


What if I don’t see what I’m looking for under your services tab?

Custom tour you say? We would LOVE to! Send us an email and we can talk about what you’re looking for, how you’d like to do it, pricing, and all the other nitty-gritty details! 


What can I do if I sent someone an ARC and they didn’t review? 

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do other than let us know, so we can make note of it if they were one of the hosts that signed up to review. We want to make sure that everyone that signs up to give you a review, gives you one like they promised. However, we do not guarantee reviews, as that would violate terms of service for book distribution sites such as B&N, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks etc. You can read more about our policies on reviews and bloggers and ARC's here under the Authors Please Note section!


I paid for a package with X amount of stops, but I’m missing a few. Do you offer a refund for missing posts? 

No, we do not. We know it’s incredibly frustrating to be told one thing, and then something else happens. Please email us, letting us know, and we can reach out and check-in with the bloggers who signed up. Please do note - any inflammatory or disgruntled emails sent to bloggers etc. is not acceptable, because life does happen, and we never know what someone else is or isn’t going through, and could result in Paper Myths being unable to work with you in the future. 


A blogger posted a review of my book that wasn’t good. Can you make them remove it? 

No. Each and every reader is entitled to their own opinion. We get it’s not something that you want to see, and it sucks, but we do not and never will sensor reviewers and their opinions. We do however include things like trigger and content warnings in our sign up forms if you, the author, let us know about any.  We do ask bloggers to be considerate of author's feelings (because we know authors have them too, and that’s your word baby out there in the world) when they do post reviews, but again, we do not and never will try to control what others say.

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