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Here you are... You've written this epic fantasy novel, and it's not Young Adult (Although we do now offer YA tours as well, our first love will always be adult Romantasy books), but you really want one of those cool tours you see on the 'Gram where bloggers take epically creative photos featuring your word baby and it's cover.


So how the hell do you make that happen, exactly?


First Step:

Click the Author Tour Request Form below so you can fill it out and give us all the deets on your book. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE IMPORTANT NOTES AND FINE DETAILS BELOW PRIOR TO BOOKING YOUR SERVICE WITH US! 

Second Step:

Check out our services by clicking on the Our Services page nestled under the Request a Tour menu option, or just click right here, and poof, you'll be there! 

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Important Notes To Read Prior to Booking

Paper Myths always aims to over deliver when it comes to making your tour the best it can be. To avoid any misunderstandings, our standard operation with ARCs is this: We do NOT provide host emails to authors under any circumstances. All hosts must be able to get a copy of the e-book arc, regardless of their ability to read and review in time for your tour dates.


Any Bookfunnel links provided to Paper Myths, CANNOT require hosts to sign up for a newsletter list to get their ARC. If we find that this is the case, we reserve the right to cancel any future tours you've booked with us, and all invoices once paid are non-refundable as it states in our terms of service.

Due to previous complications - we no longer allow the direct to kindle arc option. If you do not have Bookfunnel or another arc provider account, we are happy to create a link on Bookfunnel for you and send it to the tour hosts that way -  but sending any print books (cost of books and shipping) is at the expense and time of the author. 


We also require authors to send us a high resolution digital cover file in advance of any service so bloggers can plan their creative posts in advance just in case of any file mishaps, lost mail etc. Advance reader copies of the book (digital or physical) must be provided for all Tour participants by the author at least TWO WEEKS in advance of the scheduled start date of your tour so they have time to leave a review if they so choose.


It is important to note that a lot of bloggers require at least 1-2 months advance notice to review and not just post a creative photo of your book. The earlier you contact us, the better!


 We do not guarantee reviews as that is against many terms of service for digital book-providing platforms.  We also do not pay any of the bloggers who participate in tours. Their "payment" is an early and free copy of your book.

We will not begin working on your tour or reaching out to bloggers etc. until all invoices are paid in full. This isn't because we don't trust you, it's just to ensure that we aren't exhausting our resources and putting in all the work only to have something not pan out after we've already gotten everyone excited about your novel. 

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We typically require at least TWO MONTHS' lead time prior to the start date of any service booked so we can adequately book bloggers as most of them plan/book out months in advance.  This means your invoice must be paid two months prior to the start of your service so we can start working on it immediately and ensure quality results. 

That being said, we do keep limited availability open for emergencies and last minute changes (If you're unsure if we can fit you in, please feel free to e-mail us!)  

I.E. If your service starts on April 1st, we need to start sending out sign-up requests by February 1st at the LATEST. This means we'll need your book cover prior to that time as well as the book description. To increase your chances of reviews from hosts, having the ARC of your book ready as close to sign-ups is best.

Paper Myths does not guarantee every host will be able to review your book. Advance reader copies of the book (digital or physical) must be provided (or made available) for ALL Tour participants in advance of the scheduled start date of your tour regardless of host's ability to review during the timeframe of the tour. 
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While Paper Myths' goal is to always over-deliver when it comes to tour hosts for every service we provide, we can not always guarantee that there will be 2 bloggers per day during a tour due to scheduling. If for some reason we can not book bloggers for the dates of your tour, we will notify you immediately to discuss other options such as extending your tour. 

Prices are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Paper Myths Media. Once an invoice or deposit is paid, we immediately begin working on promoting your book and finding bloggers to help us spread the word. Due to the time-consuming nature of this work, once an invoice or deposit has been paid, it is considered non-refundable.  

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