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Meet Ticket Holder Lila a.k.a. @lilareads_!

Lila took the time to fill out our short questionnaire, so we could really get to know her - even better than we already do, because she's been with Paper Myths since before it was a thing, and we love her for it! So as a thank you for all the hard work she does crafting her magical photos please make sure you click her ticket above and follow her on IG and show her some much-deserved love! Without further ado.... let's check out what Lila is reading!

Question 1: What sparked your love of reading? (Give me all the deets!)

I've always loved to be surrounded by books, so that's how it started but when I reached my teen years bc of my circle of friends I stop reading and I returned to my books in 2018 when I found out about bookstagram!

Question 2: What book could you read over and over again and never get tired of?

Question 3: When did you start blogging? For books or otherwise?

Around 2018!

Question 4: WHY did you start Bookstagramming (or Book Blogging/Toking etc.) in particular? What drives you (other than the love of books LOL)? The community? The creative side? The review writing part? Taking photos?

I've always loved photography, DIY, decorating, etc so when I discovered that I could do all that I just loved it! So I love to just put a scenario together and talk about the books I like and other random things!

Question 5: Name a book you think doesn’t get enough hype in any of the na/adult fantasy/pnr romance genres! Indie or mainstream publishing!

Oh this kind of question is so hard because I'm a newbie in this genre! Kel Carpenter is one of my favorite new adult fantasy romance authors though!

Question 6: What are you currently reading? Bonus: What’s up next?

The Assassins Blade by Sarah J. Maas, and I will start a Mafia romance series called Hannahford Prep by J. Bree!

Question 7: What’s your favorite sub-genre of fantasy? (References if you need them:

I LOVE Paranormal Romance with smut 😍

-- Girl, SAME!

Question 8: How about your favorite tropes? (Examples: Enemies to lovers? Fated Mates, Love Triangle, Fairytale Retelling, Assassins, Pirates, Thieves etc.)

Enemies to lovers, Fated Mates!

--Yaas, some of our faves too!

Final Question: Last but not least… Who’s your wildest dream unicorn author to work with/receive an arc of their book/do a tour with?

How can I pick only one? I love to discover new authors! Jennifer L. Armentrout, C.R.R HILLIN, and Elise Kova come to mind though!

-Yeah, we'd pretty much die if any of them wanted to work with us too... so we feel you on having to pick only one LOL!


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