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Meet Ticket Holder Kelsea a.k.a. @VenturesWithBooks!

Kelsea took the time to fill out our short questionnaire, so we could really get to know her, and as a thank you for all the hard work she does crafting her magical photos, share her love of all things bookish with the world! Make sure you click her ticket above and follow her on IG and show her some much-deserved love! Without further adieu.... let's go on an adventure with Kelsea!

Question 1: What sparked your love of reading? (Give me all the deets!)

When I was younger I had a really difficult time reading, as in I could barely read. My parents and I struggled for years trying to find the right program to help. Finally, we found a program that worked and I learned to read. After that I was unstoppable! You would always find me with a book in my hand. I remember staying up late with my old school book light (you all remember these!) reading until the wee hours of the night when my mom would eventually confiscate my light and force me to bed. I had a hard time making friends so books became my escape where friends were easy to come by and magic was real. I am so thankful every day my parents (especially my mom) fought so hard for me to learn to read. My life would not be the same without books in it!

-I feel this so hard. My mom is the reason I love to read too... and she was forever threatening to take my books away if I didn't go to sleep "right this instant!" (said in her best Molly Weasley voice LOL!)

Question 2: What book could you read over and over again and never get tired of?

I rarely reread books. Something about knowing what’s going to happen and the ending just makes the book lose all interest to me. But that being said, A Court of Thorns and Roses is one series I have found myself able to reread over and over again! I always find something new every time I reread the series and that combined with the characters and world-building make this a series I will never be tired of!

Question 3: When did you start blogging? For books or otherwise?

Around 2016

Question 4: WHY did you start Bookstagramming (or Book Blogging/Toking etc.) in particular? What drives you (other than the love of books LOL)? The community? The creative side? The review writing part? Taking photos?

One day back in 2016 I was searching the internet and came across this thing called BookCon that was going to take place in my hometown of Chicago. I thought I like books, this sounds great and signed up with a couple of friends. If you’ve been to a BookCon/BookExpo you know how crazy they can get and I was completely blown away! I kept thinking how do all these people know when and where to line up for these books?! Talking to a few of the bloggers I figured out how everything was done via social media and this is when I discovered Bookstagram. When I first started my photos were cringe-worthy and I didn’t really know how people made so many friends. But over the years I have learned so much. This community now feels like home. I love the content I create (who doesn’t love rainbow books!?) and the friends I have made are some of my best friends! It took me a while to figure it all out but now I couldn’t imagine my life without Bookstagram.

-Book conferences/signings/conventions are sooo much fun, but agreed they can be crazy! I was told at my first one, it's a marathon, not a sprint... and man is that sooo true! PS: Our photos were cringe-worthy when we first started out Bookstagramming too. I think we all go through that when we're trying to find our vibe.

Question 5: Name a book you think doesn’t get enough hype in any of the na/adult fantasy/pnr romance genres! Indie or mainstream publishing!

There are SO many! But two of my favorite indie authors who deserve ALL the hype are Danielle L. Jensen and Elise Kova! You seriously cannot go wrong with any of their books!

-Gah, I love their books too!

Question 6: What are you currently reading? Bonus: What’s up next?

I just finished The Crown of Gilded Bones (book 3 in the From the Blood and Ash series, seriously READ IT!) and now am working through the rest of Jennifer Armentrout’s backlist with White Hot Kiss.

-First off, I've read it, and ship it hard, so I 100% concur with that READ IT NOW sentiment! Second, I love JLA, and straight-up road-tripped it to an Apollycon to have every edition of her books I had on my shelves (which at the time was like two tote bags full - it's more now LOL - and she signed Every. Single. One. and was SUUUUPER NICE about it!

Question 7: What’s your favorite sub-genre of fantasy? (References if you need them:

I usually am a high fantasy reader but lately I have discovered more of the fantasy romance books and am loving them!!

-Yaas! #RomantacyReader for life!

Question 8: How about your favorite tropes? (Examples: Enemies to lovers? Fated Mates, Love Triangle, Fairytale Retelling, Assassins, Pirates, Thieves etc.)

Like everyone else, I’m a huge sucker for enemies to lovers and arranged marriage! Give me all the tension and witty banter and I’m a happy reader! *Cough* THE BRIDGE KINGDOM *cough*

-Gods, I love that trope too. It gives me all the tingly feels!

Final Question: Last but not least… Who’s your wildest dream unicorn author to work with/receive an arc of their book/do a tour with?

Ohh wow I’m not sure I could pick just one! I’ve also been very fortunate to work with some of my favorites! I’d love to work with Sarah J. Maas but that may just stay a dream!

-Keep the dream alive! You never know what might happen in this crazy bookish world!

Thanks so much to Kelsea for taking the time to chat books with us! If you're a #TicketHolder and want to be featured here on the Paper Myths blog, make sure you fill out the Ticket Holder Questionnaire form below, so we can spread the blogger love!


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