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Warrior of Magick by Jessica Wayne Cover Revamp & Tour!

Paper Myths Media is SUPER EXCITED to be hosting the COVER RE-VAMP and the RE-LAUNCH TOUR of WARRIOR OF MAGICK by Jessica Wayne - the first book in her Cambrexian Realm series! Warrior of Magick is relaunching WIDE (i.e. every book platform) on September 9th and the COVER REVEAL date(s) for the Cover Re-Vamp are: August 13th. The Re-Launch TOUR DATES are September 9th-September 13th.

ARCS/Complimentary Review Copies for Warrior of Magick are available NOW! Please note - this is a Re-Vamp/Re-Launch of a currently published series, so the books are currently for sale, but will be coming down, and a new pre-order link with the new covers will be provided to hosts prior to the Cover Re-Vamp Reveal Date & Re-Launch Tour.

Keep reading for all the details on the book!

PRIMARY GENRE: High Fantasy - Set in a completely different world, think Lord of the Rings, The Witcher - Trope Note- Enemies to Lovers

HEAT LEVEL: Fan Yourself Steamy - Generally 1-3 detailed sex scenes, some coarse language - think A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, The Black Dagger Brotherhood

TRIGGERS: None mentioned by the author.


An assassin.

Born of torture and unfathomable loss, Sienna Faremin was forged into a warrior. A weapon to be wielded by the governing council, instilling fear in the hearts of even the bravest of men.

Assassin. White-haired battle sage. Monster. Murderer. Over the years of her service, she’s gained many names, all of which are far kinder than the truth. She kills without mercy, leaves no witnesses, and follows every order because disobeying them would lead to immeasurable consequences.

A renegade.

Sienna’s new target, a man convicted of treason, is just another name to be added to her ever-growing list of victims. That is until she comes face-to-face with him and, for the first time, discovers a reason to not wield her blade.

Faced with an impossible choice, this battle-hardened warrior must decide whether to follow the council’s orders or stand up against those who molded her in a desperate attempt to not lose the last piece of her soul.

The decision is not easily made, though, because tainted pasts cultivate hate between these two enemies. And by the time they figure out they are better together, it might just be too late.


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