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Storm of Blood and Vengeance by C.L. Briar

Paper Myths Media is PROUD AS HELL to be hosting the RELEASE WEEK TOUR of STORM OF BLOOD AND VENGEANCE by C.L. BRIAR. A captivating story of a land on the brink of ruin -- and the unlikely alliance of fae and humans that will do anything to save it. The sequel to a whole new world that we are ready to get lost in, STORM OF BLOOD AND VENGEANCE is releasing August 30th and the TOUR DATES are August 30th - September 5th.

ARCS for STORM OF BLOOD AND VENGEANCE will be available CLOSER to the tour!

Keep reading for all the details on the book!

PRIMARY GENRE: High Fantasy - Set in a completely different world, think Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton, and G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series.

HEAT LEVEL: Fan Yourself Steamy - Generally 1-3 detailed sex scenes, some coarse language - think A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, and Karen Marie Moning., Make Me Blush - All the tension and at least one sex scene, but not super graphic. Think A Discovery of Witches, A Secret in Onyx by Jessica Florence, and A Court of Thorns and Roses series.

TRIGGERS: Violence/battle scenes, homophobia, sexual situations, language


After the vicious battle of Neith, Elara fights to control the restless shadows within. Her resolve is tested when her younger brother, Will, is plagued by visions, a blessing of prophecy, that leaves his already fragile body weakened. It doesn't help that Zaeth, the mysterious dark fae, encourages Elara to embrace her darkest desires despite her attempts at maintaining her place beside the heroic human general, Alarik.

As the Fractured and their malicious red-eyed fae commander decimate human villages, whispers of a greater foe emerge. With the aid of her sister, Greer, her brother's life and the lives of humans across Pax might be saved. But only if Elara can discover her true enemy, decipher Will's foreboding prophecies, and decide which path she wishes to take--one basked in light or one wrapped in shadows.

In the sequel to Storm of Chaos and Shadows, C.L. Briar weaves a captivating story of a land on the brink of ruin--an an unlikely alliance of fae and humans that will do anything to save it.


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