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Shifted Magic by Heather Renne

Paper Myths Media is TICKLED PINK to be hosting the RELEASE WEEK TOUR of SHIFTED MAGIC by HEATHER RENEE. This is the first book in the Fated To The Wolf series, and from what we've been told this series is only going to get hotter as it continues but we'd expect nothing else with a series full of wolves, magic, and soulmates, right?

SHIFTED MAGIC is releasing March 24th and the TOUR DATES are March 28th - April 3rd.

ARCS for SHIFTED MAGIC will be Available Soon!

Keep reading for all the details on the book!

PRIMARY GENRE: Paranormal Romance - runs the gambit, think Vampire Diaries to Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters, to Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series, and Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress novels.

HEAT LEVEL: Keep it PG - lots of kissing and heavy petting, possible fade to black/ behind closed door sex, but nothing explicit. Think more upper YA and New Adult.

TRIGGERS: None mentioned by the author.


Magic. Wolves. Soulmates. Just another day. Wait…what?


Work, home, sleep. Rinse and repeat. That was my life and, most days, I had no complaints.

Then, strangers appear out of the shadows and there isn’t anything normal about them. Suddenly, I’m being teleported to a witch coven that seems familiar, but the things I’m being told, they can’t be possibly true…can they?


I’ve been searching for my mate for months. A part of me hoped I’d never find her. I didn’t want to care about another—not after what I’d failed to do all those years ago. Except when I see her… I know. I know who she is. I know I will destroy everything in my way of keeping her safe.

Most importantly… I know she’s mine.


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