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Demons and Roses by Beka Westrup

Paper Myths Media is OVERJOYED to be hosting the PROMO TOUR for Demons and Roses by Beka Westrup! This is a dark paranormal romance with a morally grey character that we cannot wait to meet! Demons and Roses releases April 2nd! The TOUR DATES are March 15th - March 21st! 

ARCS will be AVAILABLE closer to the start of the tour!

Keep reading for all the details on the book!

PRIMARY GENRE: Paranormal Romance - Runs the gambit, think Vampire Diaries to Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters, to Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series, and Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress novels.

HEAT LEVEL: Light Me on Fire Hot - all the SEX, with graphic explicit details and descriptions. Think Laurel K. Hamilton, Lora Leigh, Kel Carpenter, and Rachel Van Dyken.

TRIGGERS: This is a dark romance! Explicit Sexual Content, Emotional/Verbal Abuse, Blood and Gore, Torture/Murder, Mention of Human Trafficking, Brief Mention of Rape, Mention of Cancer & Parent Death, Brief Reference to Child Abuse & Pedophilia (Not Graphic), Fictional Human Sacrifice (not based on any real life religion or cult), Fictional Demon Rituals, Dubious Consent, Anti-Religious Rhetoric, Gun Violence, Removal of Birth Control Without Consent


A Dark Paranormal Romance about a woman who marries for a money and a demon who possesses for love.

Rose Burroughs‘s rich prick of a husband got run over by a golf cart and died right in front of her. Then he miraculously came back to life. Now his eyes are black instead of blue, she wakes up to find him standing over her side of the bed, his business associates are going missing, and he’s being… nice to her?

Is this really her husband or has something far more wicked taken his place?


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