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Blood Legends Boxed Set by Melissa Winters

Paper Myths Media is BEYOND FREAKIN' EXCITED to be hosting the release week tour of the Blood Legends Duet boxed set by Melissa Winters! The Blood Legends Boxed Set is releasing DECEMBER 24TH (Can you say, I'll take a copy of this for a present please, for those of you that celebrate!?) and The TOUR DATES are DECEMBER 26th-30th!

ARCS for the Blood Legends Duet are AVAILABLE NOW so let me know if you'd like the link early, as I know the holidays are upon us, but always remember, you can snag the ARC for later, and aren't required to review in time for the tour.

Keep reading for all the details on the book!

PRIMARY GENRE: Paranormal Romance - runs the gambit, think Vampire Diaries to Sherrilyn Kenyon

HEAT LEVEL: Fan Yourself Steamy - Generally 1-3 detailed sex scenes, some coarse language - think A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, The Black Dagger Brotherhood

TRIGGERS: Captivity and the heroine is slapped once


This blurb is not final and is subject to change!

Vampires. Murderers. Lies.

When Julian Bellamy, the king of vampires, claimed me for himself, a whole new life began.

He swore to protect me, but I soon realized it was because I was the key to his reign.

A vampire war is on the horizon, and we’ll need to band together to stop it.

I thought being kidnapped and auctioned off as a blood slave would be the worst of my problems.

It was only the beginning.


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