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Bad Girls Drink Blood by S.L. Choi

Paper Myths Media is DELIGHTED to be hosting the RELEASE WEEK TOUR for BAD GIRLS DRINK BLOOD by S.L. CHOI! This is the first book in the Blood Fae Druid series and with assassination attempts, hybrid fae, and a whole lot of family drama, we can't wait to dive in!

Bad Girls Drink Blood is releasing on MAY 17th, 2022. The Release Week Tour is: MAY 17, 2022 - MAY 23, 2022.

Keep reading for all the details on the book!

PRIMARY GENRE: Urban Fantasy - set in our world, or one closely resembling it. Think, Shadowhunters, Demons of New Chicago by Kel Carpenter, Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep

HEAT LEVEL: Keep it PG - lots of kissing and heavy petting, possible fade to black/ behind closed door sex, but nothing explicit. Think more upper YA and New Adult.

TRIGGERS: Explicit and graphic violence, but in a Marvel movie sort of way (over the top and often includes humor - language - memory of childhood trauma (bullying and attempt on her life as a child by peers, not family)


After a life spent dodging slurs, threats, and assassination attempts, Lane Callaghan gave her past the one finger salute and ditched her former fae home for good. As the only hybrid fae in existence she’s had the dishonor of being hated by all, well, except for her family.

The detective agency she and her sisters run on the edge of Las Vegas continues to limp along, with Lane doing more debt collecting and intimidating than investigating, but anything to pay the bills. Between working for low-lifes to bring down even lower-lifes, eating cheesy poofs by the bucket, and flirting with the criminally attractive bartender where she conducts business, life is good.

That ends when a routine job goes sideways leaving Lane with a sack full of stolen sun shards—the source of sun fae power. Without the shards, the sun fae face giving up their magic completely, or risk death if they use their power.

As far as Lane's concerned, good riddance, considering they would rather see her dead—except her father and adopted sister are sun fae. Lane must choose to return home to save the fae bastards that almost killed her…or let them burn.


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